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Industry Trends for 2017

Every day, our colleagues take care of people facing uncertain situations. Whether they have a workplace injury, need time away for the birth of a child, experience a medical situation that will lead to time off, are in an auto accident or suffer product or property damage, we are here to let them know that […]

The WC Mistakes That States Make

As 2017 gets rolling, state legislatures are convening all over the country. Several of them are about to make mistakes in the area of medication management in workers’ compensation. My colleague, Mark Pew, and I have written and spoken extensively on the topic of drug formularies. And we’re currently working, formally and informally, with regulators and other […]

Is the Era of Aggregators Ending?

A conclusion concerning insurance aggregators (aka comparison portals) in the Accenture Distribution and Agency Management Survey is: “Irrespective of insurers’ views on the role of aggregators, it seems they are here to stay.” This conclusion is supported by many others, but I venture to doubt it . The aggregator business may be nearing a tipping […]

How to Embrace Workforce Flexibility

Because of the economic crash in 2007, many people were left scrambling for work, any work. Those who were determined, but still came up short, looked inward to their skill sets and assets to find relief. The answer quickly became obvious; what is now referred to as the flexible workforce or sharing economy, is made […]

Why AI Will Transform Insurance

The insurance sector is one of the most old-fashioned and resistant to change, and this is why AI will have a greater impact on that with respect to more receptive industries. The collection of data of new types (i.e., unstructured data such as reports, images, contracts, etc.) and the use of new algorithms are disrupting […]

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