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CES2017: Cool Stuff, Insurance Implications

If there was one overriding theme to CES2017, it was that emerging technology progress seems to be accelerating, with new products and uses spreading across every conceivable human endeavor. My observations from an intense four days in Las Vegas include highlights on the hot trends, examples of some very cool new products, and what it […]

Could Alexa Testify Against You?

Have you seen the Geico ad with the talking parrot? A 19th-century ship is boarded, the captain surrounded by pirates. The leader shouts, “Let’s feed him to the sharks,” (pirates cheer and swords are held high) “and take all his gold” (more cheers). The parrot repeats these lines, and adds, “and hide it from the […]

Insights on Insurance and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing every industry, and insurance will be affected as well. As already stated in previous posts, AI today is perceived in three different ways: It is something that might answer all your questions, with an increasing degree of accuracy (“the Oracle”); it could do anything it is commanded to do (“the […]

Insurance’s $1 Trillion Opportunity

I don’t envy the job of an insurance executive in 2017. The traditional insurers are being challenged like never before. Web-focused insurtech startups threaten the conventional brokerage model the industry has utilized for decades. New MGAs are unlocking fresh sources of data that compel incumbent underwriters to innovate or risk obsolescence. Even the established geopolitical […]

How to Lead Change (Part 2)

Change is hard work. Those who don’t think organizational change is risky and problematic should stop and put themselves in the shoes of those being affected by the change.  Considering multiple viewpoints is important to successfully managing change. In reality, the only way you can know just how difficult change is to the organization is […]

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