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Cybersecurity Holes in Connected Cars

The photo was jarring. A Jeep Cherokee stalled in a ditch after hackers remotely disabled its brakes. No one was hurt. The experiment in St. Louis was a coordinated hack designed and carried out by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, security researchers at Uber’s Pittsburgh-based Advanced Technologies Center. Miller and Valasek sought to prove a point […]

Next Big Thing: Robotic Process Automation

The focus for the last 10 years in insurance has been around how to streamline business processes to increase efficiency and create better experiences for customers and employees. New technologies including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have become one of the next big things, not just in this industry but across many. For insurance, promising to automate processes […]

Who Should Manage the Risk Manager?

A while back I recorded a short video on the topic of risk management organizational structure in a non-financial company. In the video I discussed various options for risk manager’s place in the overall organizational structure. Since there is really no single right answer, the few common options include: reporting directly to the CEO, reporting to the […]

2017 Priorities for Innovation, Automation

At the dawn of another year, it’s always helpful to reflect back and examine the last 12 months. What happened that surprised us? What were we proud of? And what lessons did we learn? In 2016 our entire industry went from one that was slow to adopt emerging technologies to one that is well on […]

Fixing Misconceptions on U.S. Healthcare

Today’s healthcare system is an absolute mess. It’s outrageously expensive, needlessly complicated and driven by transactions instead of relationships. People are paying more and more each year – always for less insurance coverage and very little “real” healthcare. Of course, the system is broken…. Or is it? To begin to transform healthcare, it’s important to […]

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