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Do Natural Disasters Matter To Me As An Insurance Buyer?

Does the recent string of catastrophes from New Zealand to Mid America to Japan matter to me and my Insurance Program? Should I worry about the impact and record breaking cost of these events? Currently the cost estimate is over 60 Billion dollars and counting. As with so many things in a global environment, are […]

Self-Insured Retention vs. Collateral – What is the True Cost of Risk?

Each year, the corporate risk manager scrutinizes workers’ compensation excess insurance proposals from one or more insurers, trying to figure out the cost-benefit of the company’s self-insured retention (SIR), such as $250,000, $500,000, or even much higher. The “SIR” terminology applies whether the company is utilizing an insured high deductible, captive or legally self-insured workers […]

The Big Mystery – Who’s In and Who’s Out of Obamacare?

There has been continuing discussion about Obamacare and what the reformed system will look like.  The controversial June 2011 McKinsey article suggests that as many as 30% of employers will definitely or probably stop offering employer sponsored insurance after 2014. This somewhat surprising result is much different than initially suggested by the Administration or other […]

California AB52 – Is This A Good Bill Or A Bad Bill?

In the State of California, current law requires carriers and health care service contractors to notify when rate changes are about to happen. In the case of health insurance regulated by the Department of Insurance (i.e., DOI), there is a prohibition of any rate that results in a life-time loss ratio below 70%. New Federal […]

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Coverage — The Basics Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O) liability has become an increasingly core coverage for many companies, regardless of size, type, non-profit/for-profit status, and rightfully so. Considering our litigious society, and today’s difficult economic environment, D&O coverage should be an essential part of your insurance program. Typical D&O coverage provides […]

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