Kevin Bingham

Kevin Bingham

Kevin Bingham, ACAS, MAAA is a Principal in Deloitte Consulting’s Advanced Analytics & Modeling practice. Mr. Bingham has over 21 years of industry experience, including 16 years in consulting. He currently leads Deloitte Consulting’s medical professional liability and claims predictive modeling practices.

Kevin is a regular contributor to Contingencies Magazine, Physician Insurer Magazine and other publications on issues facing the financial services industry.  To date, Mr. Bingham has published over 60 articles/papers, including titles such as “Leveraging Analytics in Workers’ Compensation Claims Handling”, “Enhancing Workers’ Comp Predictive Modeling with Injury Groupings”, “The Opioid Abuse Epidemic – Turning the Tide”, “The Burden of Obesity on Workforce Wellness”, “Analytics on the Cloud: Transforming the Way Claims Leverages Advanced Analytics”, “Revving Your Analytic Horsepower – The Claims IT Journey”, “Statistical Thinking, and Advanced Analytics, Can Lead to Better Decisions”, “Workers Compensation Comes of Age”, and “10 Strategies to Combat the Rx Abuse Epidemic – An Insurer’s Perspective.”  Kevin is an official spokesperson for the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA) in Washington, the chairman of the annual Medical Professional Liability (MPL) ExecuSummit, and is the past Chairperson of the AAA MPL subcommittee.

Kevin has helped organizations identify opportunities for profitable growth through market research focused on opportunity identification, selection and planning. He has also helped organizations analyze their current state analytics skills and capabilities, strengths, and improvement areas; leading to the development of a future state analytics strategy.  His unique insurance background involves consulting for the consumer, regulators and the insurance industry, and has given him a broad view on trends affecting all aspects of the insurance purchasing decision. He has been heavily involved in MPL issues through his work with regulators, associations, hospitals, captives and insurance companies. He has also worked with reinsurers, insurers, state funds, and large self-insured companies to help them analyze and think strategically about their workers compensation, liability and property coverages.  He is currently the opining actuary on approximately $1.3 billion dollars in workers’ compensation reserves.

Kevin is also heavily invested in the development of others. Over his career, he has been an instructor at client events, National Audit Training, Cayman Insurance Training, Human Capital (HC) Technical Training, and served as the National Principal Sponsor and Dean of the HC Analyst program (2009-2012). He has instructed on a number of subjects including actuarial topics, advanced analytics, launching a career, strategic thinking, business development, eminence building and the development of a personal brand.

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