Chet Gladkowski

Chet Gladkowski

Chet Gladkowski is co-founder, CMO/CIO for GAPro, the global, industry-wide solution for proof-of-insurance and compliance verification.

He is recognized as a leading insurance/IT executive, providing both strategic and practical insights across all P&C lines of business. He has worked in the P&C insurance information industry 40-plus years for carriers, broker/MGA/agency, vendors and industry associations. Gladkowski’s roles have included CIO for Interstate Insurance, senior director – research and development for Acord and vice president of software sales.

Recent Articles by Chet Gladkowski

Insurance Is NOT a Commodity!

Insurance technology was once the red-headed stepchild of financial technology. But with more than 800 insurtech startups garnering almost 150 deals totaling $3.5 billion of investment since 2015, insurtech is a force to be reckoned with. With this infusion of new blood have come some interesting and provocative pronouncements about this great industry. Some have […]

Is This the Day the Data Died?

Who can forget Don McLean’s iconic “American Pie”? Released in 1971, it was a four-week No. 1 hit in the U.S. It is listed as the No. 5 song of the century by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the National Endowment for the Arts. The original 16-page manuscript sold for $1.2 million last […]

The Big Problem With Certificates

I really like the word “hypocrite.” Not because of what it means, but because of where it came from. One of my hobbies is etymologies, which is exploring word origins and the way their meanings have changed over time. I especially enjoy word origins that have a vivid picture behind them, and “hypocrite” has a […]

Some Things Are Too Important for Paper

A little while ago, my 92-year-old mom said that she was tired most of the time and was taking more and more naps. After several doctor visits and tests, the diagnosis was that her pulse was around 40 beats per minute, as opposed to a normal rate of 60. Her cardiologist recommended a pacemaker to […]

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