James Twining

James Twining

James Twining is a former board director and Group Commercial Director of JLT Group, having previously worked at McKinsey, as an entrepreneur and an investment banker. His business, Greycoat Place, offers confidential advice and support to boards of financial services companies looking to accelerate the growth of their businesses in the digital age.

Recent Articles by James Twining

Why Aren’t Brokers Vanishing?

The Loch Ness Monster. Area 51. The grassy knoll. To the list of the world’s great unsolved mysteries can be added a further conundrum — the continued success of the insurance broker. For years, traditional brokers have labored under the Sword of Damocles that is disintermediation, be it from direct players, comparison sites or even […]

Do We Even Need Insurers Any Longer?

Voltaire once said that “if God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” Could you say the same about insurers today, I wonder? It is striking that, as organizations have sought to come to terms with the pace and scale of change now confronting them, the story of Kodak’s rapid decline from […]

Is It Time to End the Annual Policy?

Is there anything more emblematic of the largely antediluvian state of the insurance market than the concept of the annual policy? Admittedly, there is a certain convenience for the customer only having to worry about his or her insurance once a year and for the insurer only having to process the relevant paperwork every 12 months. And for […]

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