Michael de Waal

Michael de Waal

Mike de Waal is president and founder of Global IQX, a leading software provider of web-based sales and service solutions to employee benefits insurers. He has deep experience in both software development and business management skills.

Early in his career, he worked as a computer programmer and then became a financial planner and a benefits consultant with Manulife Financial before becoming a tech entrepreneur.

Recent Articles by Michael de Waal

2017 Priorities for Innovation, Automation

At the dawn of another year, it’s always helpful to reflect back and examine the last 12 months. What happened that surprised us? What were we proud of? And what lessons did we learn? In 2016 our entire industry went from one that was slow to adopt emerging technologies to one that is well on […]

4 Ways to Manage Remote Workers

Very few entrepreneurs can go from idea to success without a team of people supporting their projects. Besides hiring people in-house for human resources, marketing, production and service jobs, they may need to hire virtual employees and contractors to fill these positions. Either way, they need to create and foster a team-based environment to create […]

6 Tricks and Tools for Securing Your Data

Technology is something of a double-edged sword for insurance brokers. It provides us with the perfect tools to offer accurate field underwriting, efficient claims and policy processing, thorough record-keeping and faster issuing of policies. But that’s just one side of the story. On the other side—the darker, far uglier underside—technology has opened us up to […]

5 Things Sailing Taught Me

Most entrepreneurs don’t just want to be entrepreneurs—they have to be entrepreneurs.   As a driven entrepreneur in the insurance industry, you will encounter both challenges and rewards far beyond that of the average employee. Navigating these ups and downs can be as challenging as steering a ship through a storm on the high seas, […]

Teamwork Lessons From Navy SEALs

Navy SEALS are the ultimate team. Through precision teamwork, they accomplish almost-impossible feats, such as safely hunting down Osama bin Laden at night in a foreign country. While each SEAL is a formidable fighting machine, it’s the team that does amazing things. Working in the insurance industry isn’t hazardous to life and limb, but it’s also […]

Underwriters Need Some Power Tools

I predict that in the brief time you spend reading this article you will get several social media and email notifications. You will receive at least one text message and possibly one or more voicemails. At some point later today, you will log in to at least one news website, content aggregator or feed reader […]

4 Technology Trends to Watch for

We enjoy many technological devices that used to be pure science fiction — mobile phones, video chat, Bluetooth speakers, touchscreen tablets,  driverless cars and so on. So what’s next? Here are four of the coming insurance technology trends: More online tools to attract millennials. Millennials are the new Holy Grail group of customers for insurers […]

How to Choose the Right CRM Package

Perhaps the most important thing an insurer can do to keep clients and brokers happy is to implement the right kind of customer relationship management system and process. CRM lets the insurer anticipate needs and communicate effectively. The most obvious benefits of a good CRM system are: Accessible client information, with the ability to view […]

Tech Innovation Is No Longer Optional

Today, about 80% of people will read at least one email on their smartphone or tablet. Ten years ago, that number would have been roughly zero. And most people are also using their smartphones and tablets to shop online, navigate in their cars and even get insurance quotes. Have you ever considered the changes technology has […]

Simplifying Enrollment for Optional Products

Financial education is crucial when it comes to helping employees understand the roles that optional products such as disability, critical illness and accident insurance play in protecting their financial futures, but education isn’t enough. Making it easy for employees to sign up is equally crucial, to increase enrollment. Insurers can increase the opt-in for optional […]

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