Peadar Duffy

Peadar Duffy

Peadar Duffy is founder and chairman of Risk Management International (RMI) a firm that has been advising clients in relation to risk in Ireland and internationally for more than 20 years. He is a member of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) TC 262 Working Group 2, which is currently undertaking a review of the global standard for risk management (ISO 31000).

At RMI, he has been at the leading edge of risk professionalism and assisting companies to manage strategic risks to their business model. Being a former officer with the Irish Defence Forces, he has taken first-hand military experience to the boardroom in helping businesses develop superior risk analysis and in conducting crisis scenarios with senior management teams in major corporations and businesses of strategic national interest. He provides thought leadership and a pragmatic approach as a strategic overlay to risk traditionalists and has seen risk management grow from board room buy-in, as a compliance imperative, to board room traction as a competitive countermeasure post the Global Financial Crisis.

Duffy’s professional experience encompasses enhancing risk professionalism and capability, strategic planning, setting objectives, developing risk appetite and tolerance statements, chairing risk framework committees, monitoring enterprise risk performance, advising on critical national infrastructure and devising responses when abnormal and adverse events occur. Working across multiple sectors over two decades, he developed a global perspective on risk that is today undergoing cathartic change where pace of change is the new constant, and threats to reputation, data and critical IT systems have become persistent and pervasive.

Specialties include:

1. Protection of the business model
2. Delivering “built-in” vs. “bolt on” risk management, increasing the likelihood of achieving business objectives and outperforming less responsive competitors
3. Providing demonstrably credible safeguards
4. Building and strengthening organizational resilience
5. Providing “turnkey” solutions with rapid deployment and immediate benefits

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