Robin Smith

Robin Smith

Robin Smith is the CEO of WeGoLook. Her desire to bolster confidence in purchase decisions by online consumers led her to co-found WeGoLook, a crowd-sourced verification platform utilized across every industry, the “Uber of inspections.”

She has an extensive background in sales, beginning her career with the Washington Post in college, then advancing to regional and management positions in Missouri and Mississippi before returning to Oklahoma. Back in Oklahoma, Smith started her own consulting firm, helping automotive dealerships make the transition into Internet sales. Her e-commerce experience and development of enterprise solutions combined with her early entry into the on-demand economy, make her a unique voice in tech, crowdsourcing and the gig economy.

Recent Articles by Robin Smith

A New Way of Thinking on Assets

“When it comes to assets, a growing number of people are increasingly satisfied with having access to these assets, rather than owning them.” — There is no doubt that the hot topic for 2017 and beyond will be the growth of the so-called sharing economy. The reason for this growth is simple: Instead of […]

Insurtech vs. Legacy Insurance Carriers

Combining the resources of one of the world’s largest TPA firms with one of the world’s largest sharing economy platforms will result in true innovation within the insurance industry during a time when most carriers continue to operate in a legacy manner. – Forbes, December 8, 2016 The writer was describing the announcement last week […]

What Implications From Car Sharing?

Although ride sharing and home sharing are the mainstays of the sharing economy, a new field is rapidly presenting challenges and opportunities. This is the rise of car sharing. Car sharing refers to an online marketplace where travelers can connect with a community of local car owners and rent any car they want, wherever they […]

The Implications of Home-Sharing

You don’t have to look hard to find a wealth of headlines about the latest trend in travel. “Home sharing has real benefits for retirees” – MarketWatch – Oct. 17, 2016 “New study claims Airbnb is good for Vancouver’s economy” – Global News – Nov. 1, 2016 “Airbnb boosts rural Irish economy by €74m in […]

The Sharing Economy and Accountability

OK, guys, London’s black cabs are officially an endangered species. Not just yet, but, considering that Uber is gaining ground every day, this is going to happen at some point. And it’s not just Uber that’s making traditional service industries nervous. Airbnb has surpassed the largest hotel chain in the world in terms of total rooms available. […]

The Uberization of Insurance

Our nomination for word of the year is, by far, “uberization.” This term is used to describe the growing deluge of companies that offer on-demand services from cars to homes to labor, and much more. Many commentators view this economic transformation as a revolution that will see our entire economy shift from one of consumption, […]

Sharing Economy: The Concept of Trust

Trust is an abstract concept that gets thrown around a lot these days. But trust is increasingly factoring into our lives, particularly in the world of online marketplaces, which are everywhere these days. These peer-to-peer exchanges, often referred to overall as the sharing economy, are great for consumers. These sharing platforms are how people and businesses […]

What to Learn From Sharing Economy

One thing I learned early on in my tenure as CEO of WeGoLook is that if I wanted to improve the productivity and profitability of my team and business, then I needed to take a closer look at the principles of the sharing economy. How did Uber generate a $60 billion valuation while owning zero […]

The Sharing Economy and Auto Insurance

Carpoolers and hitchhikers were the original ridesharers. Now, ridesharing has become much more sophisticated. Riders and drivers can now be partnered through smartphone applications, which is changing how we think about insurance and liability. The promise of the sharing economy, people making money from things they already own, is a noble one. Especially during tough […]

9 Impressive Facts on Sharing Economy

I am so excited to participate in the InsureTech Connect 2016 Conference taking place in Las Vegas this week. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, do so. It’s going to be a blast! I am also honored to be speaking at the conference, alongside amazing entrepreneurs like Jacob Brody of Helpful Networks, Isaac […]

Gig Economy: 5 Benefits of Outsourcing

The gig economy has taken the world by storm, with more than 45 million Americans participating in it in some fashion. By 2020, one study estimates 40% of America’s workforce will be self-employed through either contract work or freelancing of some sort. Previously, the biggest challenge for self-employed Americans was discovering new mediums to find work. No […]

Gig Economy: Newest Tool for Insurance

Why is this taking so long?! The challenge I hear echoed throughout the insurance industry is, “How do we speed up the claims process for customers?” Insurance companies often face the brunt of the frustrations from stressed-out customers regarding delays with their claims. As we all know, processing those claims takes time and patience to gather […]

What Gig Economy Means for FinTech

Earlier, I discussed the implications of the gig economy on the insurance industry. We concluded that the existence of “crowdworkers” in the gig economy creates four main opportunities for insurers: a faster flow of information, claim process efficiencies, information customization and cost efficiencies. We at WeGoLook believe all industries must take notice of the disruptive […]

What Gig Economy Means for Insurers

I consider myself extremely lucky. I have a front row seat to a monumental shift in consumer behavior, which translates into important opportunities, and risks, for traditional insurance providers. I don’t plan on sitting back and watching the show from a distance, I’m getting involved. Although for the record, I am not a good actor. Maybe […]

‘Gig Economy’ Comes to Claims Handling

Why is this taking so long?! The challenge I hear echoed throughout the insurance industry is, “How do we speed up the claims process for customers?” Insurance companies often bear the brunt of frustrations from customers stressed out about delays. As we all know, processing claims takes time and patience to gather information, details, photographs and […]

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