ITL is gathering the best ideas from the best thinkers on insurance and risk management to help steer the industry in important new directions. More than 335 organizations are sending 650+ thought leaders to write on the ITL platform, including representatives from:


What We Do

Just because you have something to say doesn’t mean anyone wants to hear it. You have to have the right people saying the right thing at the right time to the right audience. ITL lives in the world of thought leadership strategy and knows how to build the right one for you.

People distrust ads and traditional marketing -- they make buying decisions based on what they view as credible and authentic. Publishing at ITL, among the best of the best, provides credibility as no seller’s brand can. Misery loves company? So do market-moving ideas.

More than 80% of buying decisions related to insurance now begin online, so you have to get your ideas out there where people can find them. We do that, through our digital networks and yours, our connections with industry leaders and our network of Thought Leaders.

We have the data. We can tell you, very specifically, how your articles are doing on our site and in social media, and how your target audience is responding to email campaigns. We can also tell you what questions potential buyers want answered – after all, they’re asking us.