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Editor's Note by Paul Carroll

Today is a watershed for ITL: Jeff Pettegrew joins us as chief imagination officer.

He is known for many things in the insurance industry: Business Insurance’s Risk Manager of the Year in 1989, founding CEO of the innovative California Self Insurers Security Fund, president of various industry associations, industry spokesman on CNN and “60 Minutes” and so on. But what intrigues me most about his long and distinguished career is the time he spent at Westaff, an international staffing company, from 1991 through 2004.

His bio (included in our press release about him, which I encourage you to read here) rather mildly says he “designed and managed a complex self-funded workers’ compensation, liability and employee benefits program covering all employees of the company.” But think for a moment about what “all employees” of Westaff means.

Westaff has 42,000 employees that it places in just about every imaginable position, from temporary clerks and writers to temporary forklift drivers and workers on manufacturing lines. Jeff had to make judgments about the right approach to risk and insurance for every one of those positions, and he had to be world-class every time. He didn’t just have to be a Swiss Army knife of a risk manager, based on moderate understanding for each type of position; he had to produce a combination of policies that individually were the equivalent of Henckel knives, Riedel corkscrews and Wiha screwdrivers.

Jeff brings to ITL that ability to size up situations quickly and make the right judgment even in fluid situations.  He will make us world-class in every way. It’s what he does.

As you will see if you watch the video below, he has some concerns about where insurance is going as it tries to deal with historical issues that confuse and even infuriate clients and as it incorporates many streams of technological change. But he is also excited about numerous possibilities, including for exoskeletons, which could greatly reduce injuries in the workplace.

He will bring those concerns and that excitement to those of us working behind the scenes at ITL. In addition, you’ll be hearing from him directly in the coming weeks and months, both on the ITL platform and, in many cases, through individual emails and phone calls.

Please join me in welcoming Jeff to ITL. (You can reach him at

This is going to be fun.

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